elizabeth f. schwartz in the media

[i24news.tv - May 5, 2017]

[local10.com - June 28, 2015]

[nbcmiami.com - January 21, 2014]

WPLG Local 10's Michael Putney talks with Elizabeth and other guests and gives his own perspective of what the latest Supreme Court of the United States' decision means for South Florida.

[Local10.com - June 30, 2013]

WLRN/Miami Herald Live Web Chat: What The Gay Marriage Rulings
Mean For Florida

Elizabeth took part in a special live web conference from WLRN Radio 93.1FM and the Miami Herald, hosted by Steve Rothaus from the Herald's Gay South Florida blog. They unpacked the Supreme Court decisions and explained what impact they could have in the everyday lives of lesbian and gay couples, from tax filing and mortgages to naturalization and wills.

[WLRN.org - June 27, 2013]

Elizabeth is presented with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Eddy McIntyre Community Service Award at Sparkle, the 16th annual Miami Recognition Dinner.

[The Miami Herald - October 8, 2012]

Just over two years since a lawsuit brought by the ACLU of Florida and the ACLU LGBT project challenging Florida's ban on adoption by gay men and lesbians resulted in a federal judge striking down the law, the ACLU of Florida produced this video to recount the story of how and why Martin Gill and the ACLU challenged the law, describe what the monumental change has meant for other gay men and lesbians who want to provide kids with loving homes, and celebrate the new opportunities for children to find forever families in the wake of the decision.

[ACLU of Florida - November 16, 2012]

The Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation aims to provide assistance and support to minorities interested in pursuing legal careers. Elizabeth represented the Gay and Lesbian Lawyer's Assocation at their signature event, the Annual Picnic.

[kmmfoundation.org - January 9, 2013]

15 Benefits Of Marriage, Gay And Otherwise - by Elizabeth F. Schwartz, Author of Before I Do

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Review: Guide to gay marriage - by Terri Schlichenmeyer

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Four LGBT FAQs in the Trumpocalypse - by Michele Karlsberg

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Review: Wholly matrimony - by Jim Piechota

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What’s Next? LGBT Equality In A Trumpocalypse - by Elizabeth F. Schwartz

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Interview with TheLStop.org - by Kathy Guzman

[ TheLStop.org - November 12, 2016 ]

The Many Faces of Transgender Discrimination - by Elizabeth Schwartz

[ Trial Magazine - October 2016 ]

The Lost History of Gay Adult Adoption

[The New York Times Magazine - October 19, 2015]

Married same-sex couples sue Florida for moms to be listed on babies’ birth certificates

[The Miami Herald, Gay South Florida Blog - August 13, 2015]

In South Florida, Supreme Court decision on gay marriage amazes many, angers others

[The Miami Herald, Gay South Florida Blog - June 26, 2015]

Attorneys united in 'aggressive' push to overturn Florida adoption ban

[The Miami Herald, Gay South Florida Blog - January 5, 2015]

Elizabeth Schwartz: Battle for Gay Marriage Starting to Pay Off

[Daily Business Review - December 15, 2014]

Appeals court: gay-marriage stay in Florida to end Jan. 5; weddings could begin next day

[The Miami Herald, Gay South Florida Blog - December 2, 2014]

Married gay couples to get art tax breaks

[The Art Newspaper - October 2013]

The Gay Divorce Trap: When Same-Sex Marriage Goes Wrong

[The Daily Beast - September 30, 2013]

Supreme Court rulings thrill Orlando gay community

[The Orlando Sentinel - June 26, 2013]

S. Fla. gays cheer Supreme Court rulings, conservatives object

[South Florida Sun-Sentinel - June 26, 2013]

Composer Desmond Child and partner Curtis Shaw: Gay people can be parents, too

[The Miami Herald, Gay South Florida Blog - April, 2013]

Walking On Eggshells

[The Daily Business Review - February 11, 2013]

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to honor Miami Beach attorney Elizabeth Schwartz

[The Miami Herald, Gay South Florida Blog - October 2, 2012]

After Gay Marriage Comes Gay Divorce

[The Atlantic Wire - June 25, 2012]

In Anita's Wake: The Irrational War on Florida's Gay Families

[South Florida Gay News - February 7, 2012]

Adoptions spike among gay couples in decade

[Daily Business Review - October 25, 2011]

Adoptions spiked among gay couples in past decade

[Wall Street Journal online - October 20, 2011]

Families forming a year after end of gay adoption ban

[South Florida Sun-Sentinel - October 3, 2011]

Gay divorce a higher hurdle than marriage [Click here for audio]

[NPR's Morning Edition - July 20, 2011]

Varied views given on Jews and tattoos

[Jewish Journal - March 30, 2011]

State agency won't fight to keep Florida's ban on gay adoptions

[South Florida Sun-Sentinel - October 12, 2010]

Gay couples face myriad hurdles

[The Miami Herald - August 27, 2010]

Lavender Law Career Fair & Conference draws 1,600 LGBT attorneys, students to South Beach

[The Miami Herald Gay South Florida Blog - August 26, 2010]

Dads by Design

[The Miami Herald - June 19, 2010]

Q & A with Attorney Elizabeth Schwartz

[The Bilerico Report - April 19, 2010]

Minority Groups Form With Eye on Diverse Judiciary

[Daily Business Review - July 15, 2009]

Wills of the Rich and Vengeful

[ABC News - August 29, 2007]

Gay lawyers sought for diversity, gay clients

[The Miami Herald - July 8, 2007]

Parents Group Learn about the Law & their Families

[Independent Gay News - June 22, 2006]

Family Matters

[The Express Gay News - March 18, 2005]

Five Questions: Devoted to Justice, Miami

[The Miami Herald - March 6, 2005]

La polemica repercute en la ciudad

[El Nuevo Herald - February 25, 2004]

Lesbians network at chamber mixer

[The Miami Herald - August 9, 2003]

Nominations sought for women's award

[The Miami Herald - January 2, 2003]

VIP dinner may relieve pinch at gay charities

[The Miami Herald - October 19, 2002]

Attorney spends much of her time fighting injustice

[Jewish Star Times - September 4, 2002]

Couple's deaths bring a special pain

[The Miami Herald - September 2001]

Gables center gives lesbians family rate

[The Miami Herald - June 21, 2001]

Sex-based bias target of gathering

[The Miami Herald - June 20, 2001]

Getting Your Legal Protections In Order

[Dyke Notes - May 1, 2001]

A Will For Fairness

[Miami Metro Magazine - May 1, 2000]

Gay couples need to plan for estate in case of death

[The Miami Herald - April 27, 2000]

Companion of dead cameraman sues family

[The Miami Herald - March 15, 2000]

Law And The New Order

[Miami Metro Magazine - July 1, 1999]

All In The Family

[Miami Daily Business Review - April 30, 1999]

Sunny Isles strips nude dancing from Boardwalk

[The Miami Herald - March 14, 1999]