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We accept online client payments through LawPay, a secure payment portal for attorneys that is recommended by The American Bar Association, the Florida Bar Association and the Dade County Bar Association.

Please select an option below to make a payment. If you aren't sure which to choose, please select "Deposit a retainer into trust" and we will apply your payment properly.


Deposit a retainer into trust  Pay an outstanding invoice


If you run into difficulties processing your payment:

Please note that some banks will initially refuse to authorize payments that are over a certain dollar amount, or are otherwise outside of the cardholder's normal spending habits. This is usually done as a precaution against fraudulent activity. If you do not receive a confirmation of SUCCESSFUL payment, try calling your financial institution to authorize the transaction. This usually resolves the situation.


Of course, we also accept payment by check. Please make payable to Elizabeth F. Schwartz, PA and mail it to the address below.