what is family mediation?

Family mediation is a dispute-resolution process which involves the use of a neutral third party to help bring about solutions cooperatively. Elizabeth became a certified family mediator so she can use mediation to help families during times of crisis , such as relationship dissolution or issues surrounding children or division of property.

Mediation involves compromise on each party's behalf. Even when there exist feelings of resentment, anger and fear, it is possible for a mediator to help negotiate an agreement that addresses the concerns of all family members.

Elizabeth usually does the mediation in the conference room in her Lincoln Road office. She meets with both parties together for a brief introduction to the process and to agree on some ground rules which include confidentiality and civility. Each party then meets with her separately, with her or his lawyer if one has been retained, in private meetings to discuss settlement options. Elizabeth has a very high rate of success at resolving family disputes through this process.

benefits of mediation

Please note that mediation is not a substitute for legal advice as Elizabeth does not serve as the advocate for either party or provide legal information. In many cases, it is still advisable to consult with a lawyer before and during the mediation process. We also advise each party to have a lawyer review any written agreement before it is signed.